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Infos about sports in the Saariselkä fell area

Did you know that Finland’s longest toboggan ride is in Saariselkä?

Toboggan ride begins on the summit of the Kaunispää fell and the ride is 1,8 km long. There are different ways to get to the summit :

Equipment rental and guided toboggan rides, please see more information Saariselkä SKi & Sport Resort.


Toboggan ride on Finland’s longest slope


Geocaching is treasure hunting for whole family. There are about 2,5 million geocaches around the world. A few of them are in Saariselkä and its surroundings. Register online and find tips in:
Tips in Finnish:

Cache orienteering

Cache orienteering is an application of geocaching and orienteering. The idea of cache orienteering is similar to geocaching; There are hidden treasures in the terrain which are supposed to be searched for.

It is easy to start cache orienteering because you only need a map and tips. You don´t need to register for any services and you don’t need a GPS device. Cache orienteering is possible only in summer time, because of the snow.

Hiking trail in fell

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