Kiilopää, hiking centre and mountain

Kiilopää is both, a hiking center and a mountain in Lapland.
Kiilopää is located 16 km (by road) and beeline 10 km to south from Saariselkä village.

Kiilopää has a longest hiking and camping history in the Saariselkä tourism area. First road was made in year 1963. Mostly it is still same road what we use today, crossroads is in Kakslauttanen. Suomen Latu built the first wilderness hut on Kiilopää in year 1963. Next year they open education center.

Kiilopää mountain

Kiilopää (546 m) is one of the highest arctic mountains in the fell area of Saariselkä. Highest is Sokosti (717 m).

Kiilopää is in Urho Kekkonen National Park. From Suomen Latu Kiilopääs parking place is a marked hiking route to the top of the Kiilopää. Route is 2 km / one way.

Kiilopää fell is on the border of the municipalities of Inari and Sodankylä and Kiilopää belongs to Natura 2000 area. Natura 2000 is a network of nature protection areas in the territory of the European Union.

Suomen Latu Kiilopää

Suomen Latu is a non-profit organization whose goal has been “Promoting Finnish sports and health sports” for fifty years.

Suomen Latu want people to have access to outdoor recreation, in spite of age, background or personal basis. Vision is that everyone can find a meaningful way to engage in outdoor activities and to be able to enjoy nature. A cornerstone of Suomen Latus work is to focus on children’s well-being and their interest and relationship with nature. Improve the conditions of outdoor life in Finland.

Suomen Latu Kiilopää – nature sports center, is located 16 km south of the center of Saariselkä, 10 km as the crow flies. The paths and trails of the Saariselkä fell area can be reached right from Kiilopää’s yard, where there is also one gate to Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Food and dining in Kiilopää

  • Cafe-restaurant in main building
  • Small shop in reception


Things to do and other services

Urho Kekkonen National Park

The wilderness in National Park can be enjoyed in summer and winter.

Summertime is perfect time for hiking. There are 200 km of marked hiking trails in Kiilopää area and surroundings. Several routes to choose from for example to a day trip. Some of the trails are suitable for everyone regardless of the age or level of fitness. Maybe some berry or mushroom picking while hiking.

In Winter time same trails can be use for snowshoeing, cross-coutry skiing ann winter biking. It is safe way to use marked trails. Especially in winter time when in here are polar nights and freezing temperature

Sights in National Park

Everyman’s Right

The legal concept of “Everyman’s Right” in Finland extends immense freedom to roam but comes with some serious responsibilities. Primary of all is a mutual respect for nature, people and property.

All people whether residing in Finland or just visiting have the right to enjoy nature anywhere in the Finnish countryside regardless of land ownership.

The need for nature conservation can require certain restrictions on these rights. In national parks and many nature reserves, special regulations can additionally limit activities such as camping, hunting, using motor vehicles, and moving through sensitive areas during the nesting season.

Such restrictions are listed separately for each area. Be sure to check online or ask at visitor centres before venturing into national parks or other nature reserves.

Read more about Everyman’s Right

Kiilopää on a map

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