Fell tour to Rautulampi

The fell tour to Rautulampi is suitable for traditional skiing or skiing in deep snow with back country skis.

25 km, moderate, cross-country skiing / back-country skiing

  • places of interest:
    • Niilanpää reindeer fence
    • Raututunturit fells
    • Rautulampi pond
    • Kiilopää fell
  • places for having a rest:
    • Niilanpää day hut
    • Rautulampi day hut
    • Luulampi cafeteria / day hut

The track is maintained by a snowmobile in the spring winter when there is enough snow and day light. Earlier in the winter the track is suitable for skiing in deep snow with BC-skis. The track is marked with piles to the terrain so it is impossible to get lost even when it is dark.

Above the trees

The trail starts from the Kiilopää fell center and it rises above the trees almost immediately after the fell center.

  • The beginning of the trail is a slight uphill until the day hut of Niilanpää which is the first possible place for a break. There is also an old reindeer fence on Niilanpää.
  • Directly after Niilanpää the trail turns to the left towards Rautulampi and the climb becomes steeper.
  • Before Rautulampi there are long climbs and descents and the sceneries towards the Urho Kekkonen national park are amazing.

Towards the day hut of Rautulampi

On a clear day you can admire the highest fell of the area (Sokosti 717 m) and the fells on the Russian side of the border in the horizon. Finally, the track leads you to the day hut of Rautulampi where it is possible to have a rest. The hut is next to a pond named Rautulampi (means pond with arctic char).

After Rautulampi the terrain becomes more even when the trail takes you between the fells towards Luulampi.

After 7 km you will be back to the broader ski track which is maintained with a bigger machine. From this crossing it is only half a kilometer to the right and you will come to Luulampi where a café is open during the spring season.

If you don´t feel like having coffee you can turn left towards Kiilopää. Before the fell center you will have to ski a long climb and long fast down-hill towards Kiilopää. From the highest point you can see both Urho Kekkonen national park and Hammastunturi wilderness area.


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