Important to know about Snowmobiling. A snowmobile track permit is required in the municipality of Inari (Saariselkä – Ivalo – Inari snowmobile routes).

In the Saariselkä area snowmobiling track premits are sold by Urho Kekkonen National Park Customer Service and by companies which rent out snowmobiles.

  • Keep your premit with you always when driving a snowmobile

The best time for snowmobile driving is in the early spring

The sparkling crusts of snow tempt you to guided or independent tours. What could be a better way to get to know the attractions of the wintery nature than a well planned peaceful snowmobile safari?

There are thousands of kilometres of snowmobile trails and few hundreds of kilometres of cared tracks in Finland. Beside the tracks there are several nice places to have a brake and make a camp fire. Just pack up your supply and hit the tracks.

  • Remember to respect other travellers and the nature.

Snowmobiling rules

  • A snowmobile driver must be 15 years old or older and must have at least a T-license as he/she is riding along official snowmobile routes or riding on a road /crossing a road.
    Read more: Foreign driving licence in Finland
  • Driving outside of the tracks and trails requires a separate permission from the landowner.
  • The same drunk driving regulations apply to car and snowmobile drivers.
  • You may drive a snowmobile on a road only when crossing a road or a bridge.
  • Always use driving lights when driving on a snowmobile track.
  • The maximum speed allowed for snowmobiles:
    • max. 60 km/h on tracks and in terrain
    • max. 80 km/h ice covered water areas
    • max. 40 km/h when pulling a sledge with passengers
  • Using a safety helmet is compulsory.
  • Obey the rules. Right sided traffic on the trails.
  • A snowmobiler respects the nature. He/she doesn’t waste, litter or make noise and pays regard to others moving in the nature.

Snowmobile trail maps:

Update 01/2022


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