Day tour to Rumakuru and Luulampi

Day tour to Rumakuru and Luulampi is perfect for you if you want to spend a day on the fells and see nice sceneries, day tour to Rumakuru and Luulampi will be a suitable trail for you. The terrain is nice and versatile and the trail takes you to the open fell areas and sheltered forests. Along the trail there are a lot to see and many nice places where to have a break.

  • 28 km, moderate, cross-country skiing
    • Places of interest:
      • Rumakuru canyon
      • the fell Kiilopää
      • The top of the fell Ahopää
    • Places for having a rest:
      • Day huts in Rumakuru, old and new
      • Cafeteria / day hut in Luulampi
      • The fell center of Kiilopää
      • Laanilan Savottakahvila – cafeteria
      • Hotel Laanihovi

Curvy trail towards Rumakuru

The trail starts from Saariselkä towards Laanila along the illuminated trail. After approximately one kilometer the trail turns to the left and directly again to the left towards Rumakuru. The next five kilometers goes all the time slightly up towards the fells on a curvy and narrow trail. You will reach the day hut of Rumakuru and the canyon of Rumakuru after 7 km. Directly translated Rumakuru means ugly canyon so you can decide yourself if the canyon is ugly or beautiful.

After Rumakuru the trail continues to Luulampi where you will find a wilderness café after 10 km´s skiing. The café is open during the high season and outside the season the buildings works as a open day hut.

Long climb to the fells

Directly after Luulampi the trail turns towards the fells and the long climb begins. The climb is long but not very steep. From the highest point you can see sceneries towards Urho Kekkonen national park and Hammastunturi wilderness area. The descent to the fell center of Kiilopää is long and fast, but safe.

From Kiilopää the journey continues over the fell Ahopää towards Saariselkä. On the way back it is still possible to stop for coffee or ski boot dances in Laanila. The last four kilometers from Laanila to Saariselkä follows the “perfume track”.


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