Tour to the top of the fell Iisakkipää

Tour to the top of the fell Iisakkipää is suitable for you If you want to try snowshoeing on a marked trail but you want to get away from the hassle of Saariselkä, the marked trail to Iisakkipää is suitable for you. The trail leads you to the top of the fell Iisakkipää and the starting place of the tour is right next to the village.

  • 6 km, moderate, snowshoeing
    • places of interest: The top of the fell Iisakkipää, the canyon Pääsiäiskuru

Follow the green piles

The trail starts from the starting place of the cross-country ski trails and it is marked with green piles. The snowshoe trails get hard during the winter which makes walking with the snowshoes lighter. You can choose to walk on the trail or in the deep snow close to the marked trail. Along the trail there are information boards where you can read interesting facts about the nature and animals of the area.

Into the national park

The Urho Kekkonen national park starts right from the edge of the village. You will enter the national park after half-a-kilometer´s walk. After the border of the park the trail starts climbing towards the fell Iisakkipää. In the beginning the climb is quite steep and later the terrain is nice and versatile.

To the open fells

Just before the fell top you will reach the line where there are no more trees. The scenery from the top of the fell is amazing and on a clear day it is possible to see to the other side of the Russian border. On the other side of the fell you can see the houses of Saariselkä.

The way back goes faster because it is down-hill. Along the way you will see beautiful canyons, rocks, and old trees.


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