Tour of the three fells with mountain bike

Up to the fells

Tour of the three fells starting place is underneath the toboggan run opposite to the chapel. The trails starts with a 2-km uphill to the top of the fell Kaunispää along the toboggan run. This is a tough uphill which makes even a fit rider to get out of breath.

From the top of Kaunispää the trail continues along a snowmobile track which is marked with wooden crosses.

Drive around the restaurant and after 100 meters you will see the signs. Start following the signs to the right. The trail starts as a small single-trail and after the tree line it becomes stonier. Be aware of the loose stones!

Towards the fell Palopää

Continue following the snowmobile track signs. The trail starts climbing to the fell Palopää directly after the descent. Every now and then the climb gets steeper so that you will have to pedal hard if you don´t want to walk. The climb is long but the sceneries from the top are worth the effort.
When you reach the tree line the trail turns left (towards west) but before you make the turn you should…

Visit the top of the fell

Visit the highest peak of the fell Palopää which is only stone through away from the crossing. Enjoy the sceneries and take a picture. When the sky is clear it is possible to see all the way to the Russian side of the border. In west you can see the fells in Hammastunturi wilderness area.

Towards Joikun Kota hut

Continue following the snowmobile track signs. After some hundred meters the trail starts descending. The decent is from some parts quite steep and fast but the trail is nice and curvy.

Double-trail trail towards the fell Urupää

From Joikun Kota the trail continues on a double-trail towards the next fell. You will pass the hut and a reindeer fence from left. Before the open fell area you will come back to a snowmobile track. Start following the track and continue towards the fell top.

Towards the fell Kaunispää

Turn back and ride down from the fell along the snowmobile track. You will come to a smoother gravel road and there you should turn right. When you come to a new crossing turn left towards the fell Kaunispää. This time you don´t have to climb all the way to the top because the gravel road leads you back to Saariselkä along the slope of Kaunispää.

Notice that the trail is relatively demanding and you should take with you some spare inner tubes and something to eat and drink!


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