Magneettimäki museum road

Magneettimäki (magnetic hill) museum road is located five kilometers to the north from Saariselkä. The hill is around three kilometers long and it divides the area into forest lands and fells. The hill has a respectable hight difference and along the hill the flora changes from fell plants into forests and wetlands. In winter time there is usually a lot more snow in Saariselkä than in the lower lands north from Saariselkä. Also the weather can be different on the upper part of the hill and on the lower part of the hill.

The road north from Saariselkä (nowadays E75) was built in the 1940s. Back then it was an important passage way to the Arctic Ocean in Petsamo. The name “Magnetic hill” dates back to those times. Many bigger cars had difficulties coming up the hill and people started thinking there is magnetic power in the soil which made the cars stop. In reality the hill gets steeper and steeper all the time and you need enough speed to get up the hill. Nowadays there is a new tarmac road going next to the old mumeum road. Along the museum road there is an info sign telling about the history of the road. In winter time there is a snowmobile track going along the museum road.


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