Kaunispään Huippu

KKaunispään Huippu in daytime

Kaunispään Huippu serves as a café-restaurant during the daytime. It is located a couple of kilometers from the center of Saariselkä village. In addition to the stunning mountain views from the windows of the restaurant, the restaurant offers sweet and savory delicacies from its own bakery as well as delicious dishes. Food portions are served with bread baked in-house.

Kaunispään Huippu in the evening

The Huippu on the mountain top has served visitors since 1954. The old Lappish history is still reminded by an old fell cottage on the top, which provided the first visitors of Saariselkä area with
accommodation and food. Later on the cottage served as a cafe and a souvenir shop.
Today’s Kaunispään Huippu consists of cozy restaurants; the panorama restaurant with 100 seats and the top quality Necktie lappish hut restaurant with kitchen on open fire for 50 people.

The Huippu restaurant is specialized in Lappish kitchen, all the ingredients
are delivered close around the area and pure Lappish nature. Reindeer, snow grouse, salmon, whitefish, trout and cloudberries – all made with skill. The Huippu restaurant has diversity and suits for a large variation of purposes, from small coffee moments to lunches or dinners for small or large groups.
Kaunispään Huippu

Kaunispään Huippu ravintola


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