Utsjoki Church

Utsjoki Lutheran Church is located by the road E75. About 6 km to South from the center of the Utsjoki village, by the lake Mantojärvi. This monumental (on lappish scale) Church is built by Russian tsar Nikolai I. Construction took three years and the Church was completed in year 1853. Stones are from the fell nearby the Church and bricks are from small village Sirma, Norway.

Utsjoki parish

Parish has two official languages Sámi language and Finnish and there are more sámi people then Finnish people. Utsjoki parish in Finnish

  • Main Church in Utsjoki (1853)
  • Chapel in Karigasniemi village (1966)
  • small meeting house in Nuorgam village (1937)
  • small meeting house in Nuvvus village


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