Smoke sauna in Kiilopää

Smoke sauna in Kiilopää is part of Kiilopää Arctic Spa Kuurakaltio, featuring a traditional wood-burning sauna as well as a plunge pool/swimming area in Kiilo-oja. The sauna facilities also include changing rooms and electric saunas. Kuurakaltio-Kiilopää sauna world comprises of two electric saunas, a traditional wood-burning sauna with its changing rooms, a plunge pool, and a peat pathway linking the electric saunas to the plunge pool. The temperature of the plunge pool in winter is approx. -1 C, and in summer +5 up to +15 C. The electric saunas have already-lit wood stoves, so you can enjoy sauna bathing right after a hike or a ski trip. Kiilopää is located 16 km to south from Saariselkä village.


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