Auditorium Aihki, Tunturi

The Auditorium Aihki is located in ParasPaikka building. The auditorium is suitable for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, theater and cinema presentations.

In the meeting room / auditorium there is a foyer where you can order refreshments, coffee / tea, sandwiches and coffee bread. The wall between the auditorium and the lobby can be removed. ParasPaikka building is connected within Gielas Building.

  • 198 seats + 10 extra seats
  • Auditorium size 175 m2 (7,94 m x 21,5 m)
  • Lobby size 77 m2
  • Auditorium and lobby combined 252 m2

Technical details:

  • Data video projector 1920 x 1200 res., 5000 ANSI lumen
  • Motorised video screen, w 320 x h 290 cm
  • VHS video playback
  • DVD/CD player
  • 4 Wireless UHF microphone
  • Hi Class auditorium sound system
  • Centralised AV-control system
  • A laptop connection at the speaker podium for dataprojektor and sound (for 2 pc)
  • A laptop computer by advance request
  • Free internet access Guest internet access
  • Wall and floor ethernet-sockets with RJ45
  • 2 WiFi accesspoint



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