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Update 2019 Nov


There are three hotels in Utsjoki. Especially in the summertime, a number of opportunities for cottage and apartment accommodation as well as camping and caravan sites.

Food and dining

A la carte restaurant: Guossi, Karigasniemi
Grill / Snack barr: Annukan Grilli, Utsjoki
Cafe: Kylätalo Giisa, Utsjoki
Cafe-restaurant-pizzeria: Pub Rastigaisa, Utsjoki
Lunch and a la carte restaurant: Deatnu, Utsjoki
Lunch and grill restaurant: Hansabar, Karigasniemi

Shops and stores

Food and groceries

Alko, Karigasniemi
Alko, Nuorgam
K-Extra Pohjanrinne, Karigasniemi
K-market Auralan säästö, Nuorgam
K-market Härkönen, Karigasniemi
K-market Rajamarket, Nuorgam
Tarmo lähikauppa, Karigasniemi
Uulan Säästö, Utsjoki

Other products

Pharmacy products: K-market Härkönen, Karigasniemi
Pharmacy products: Samimootor, Nuorgam
Pharmacy products: Uulan Säästö, Utsjoki
IT products: Ittna, Utsjoki
Hunting and outdoor gear: Ittna, Utsjoki
Reindeer meat products: Porotila Tuomo Länsman, Nuorgam
Post office: K-market Auralan säästö, Nuorgam
Post office: Uulan Säästö, Utsjoki
Clothes and shoes: Gamitex, Nuorgam

Gasoline, Car work shops, taxi

Gasoline: Utsjoki
Gasoline: Nuorgam
Gasoline: Karigasniemi

Car work shop: Sarre Oy, Karigasniemi
Car work shop: Samimootor, Nuorgam
Car work shop: Aimos Auto, Utsjoki

Taxi and trasfers: Kari G Oy, Karigasniemi

Things to do and places to visit

  • Ailikas fell, Karigasniemi
  • Traditional lappish habitat: Välimaan saamemelaistila
  • Northern spot of EU -memotial stone, Nuorgam
  • Kylätalo Giisá, Utsjoki
  • Kylätalo Sáivu, Karigasniemi
  • Reindeer meat products -shop. Insku ky, Nuorgam
  • Saami bridge, Utsjoki
  • Sulaoja, Karigasniemi
  • Northernmost reindeer farm in Finland and reindeer meat products -shop. Tuomo Länsman, Nuorgam

Geocaches in Utsjoki
Slow down in Utsjoki: Explore Utsjoki
Hinking trails in Utsjoki and Karigasniemi:  Explore Utsjoki
Safaris, activites and equipment rental: Explore Utsjoki

Karigasniemi Chapel

Karigasniemi village has a new chapel. It has been opened on 17 of April 2016. A special feature in the new chapel is an altar piece with three-colored metal: Steel, copper and brass. Subject of the altar piece is from lapppish nature – mountain streem with the spring and solid rock. Artist is Aimo Vähäkainu.

Utsjoki Church

Utsjoki Lutheran Church is located by the road E75. About 6 km to South from the center of the Utsjoki village, by the lake Mantojärvi. This monumental (on lappish scale) Church is built by Russian tsar Nikolai I. Construction took three years and the Church was completed in year 1853. Stones are from the fell nearby the Church and bricks are from small village Sirma, Norway.

Utsjoki parish

Parish has two official languages Sámi language and Finnish and there are more sámi people then Finnish people. Utsjoki parish in Finnish

  • Main Church in Utsjoki (1853)
  • Chapel in Karigasniemi village (1966)
  • small meeting house in Nuorgam village (1937)
  • small meeting house in Nuvvus village

Good to know

In Utsjoki, Karigasniemi or Nuorgam are no bank automats, nearest one is in Inari village.

Health center

  • Utsjoki health center is only for urgent medical cases in day time.
    Daytime phone number +358 (0)40 181 0285.
  • Evening- and nighttime (16:00 – 8:00) Ivalo health center phone number +358 (0)40 770 9187
  • Public emergency number 112

Weather forecasts

Weather forecast, Foreca
Weather forecast, Finnish meteorological institute
Weather forecast, yr.no