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There are three hotels in Utsjoki. Especially in the summertime, a number of opportunities for cottage and apartment accommodation as well as camping and caravan sites.

Food and dining

A la carte restaurant: Guossi, Karigasniemi
Grill / Snack barr: Annukan Grilli, Utsjoki
Cafe: Kylätalo Giisa, Utsjoki
Cafe-restaurant-pizzeria: Pub Rastigaisa, Utsjoki
Lunch and a la carte restaurant: Deatnu, Utsjoki
Lunch and grill restaurant: Hansabar, Karigasniemi

Things to do and places to visit

Info: Utsjoki Nature information hut

  • Ailikas fell, Karigasniemi
  • Traditional lappish habitat: Välimaan saamemelaistila
  • Northern spot of EU -memotial stone, Nuorgam
  • Karigasniemen kappeli, Karigasniemi
  • Kylätalo Giisá, Utsjoki
  • Kylätalo Sáivu, Karigasniemi
  • Reindeer meat products -shop. Insku ky, Nuorgam
  • Saami bridge, Utsjoki
  • Sulaoja, Karigasniemi
  • Northernmost reindeer farm in Finland and reindeer meat products -shop. Tuomo Länsman, Nuorgam
  • Utsjoki Church

Geocaches in Utsjoki
Slow down in Utsjoki: Sámi Village Utsjoki
Hinking trails in Utsjoki and Karigasniemi: Hiking trails in Utsjoki
Mountain biking trails and maps (in finnish): MTB reitit ja kartat
Safaris, activites and equipment rental: Sámi Village Utsjoki

Shops and stores

Food and groceries

Alko, Karigasniemi
Alko, Nuorgam
K-Extra Pohjanrinne, Karigasniemi
K-market Auralan säästö, Nuorgam
K-market Härkönen, Karigasniemi
K-market Rajamarket, Nuorgam
Tarmo lähikauppa, Karigasniemi
Uulan Säästö, Utsjoki

Other products

Pharmacy products: K-market Härkönen, Karigasniemi
Pharmacy products: Samimootor, Nuorgam
Pharmacy products: Uulan Säästö, Utsjoki
IT products: Ittna, Utsjoki
Hunting and outdoor gear: Ittna, Utsjoki
Reindeer meat products: Porotila Tuomo Länsman, Nuorgam
Post office: K-market Auralan säästö, Nuorgam
Post office: Uulan Säästö, Utsjoki
Clothes and shoes: Gamitex, Nuorgam

Gasoline, Car work shops, taxi

Gasoline: Utsjoki
Gasoline: Nuorgam
Gasoline: Karigasniemi

Car work shop: Sarre Oy, Karigasniemi
Car work shop: Samimootor, Nuorgam
Car work shop: Aimos Auto, Utsjoki

Taxi and trasfers: Kari G Oy, Karigasniemi

Good to know

In Utsjoki, Karigasniemi or Nuorgam are no bank automats, nearest one is in Inari village.

Health center

  • Utsjoki health center is only for urgent medical cases in day time.
    Daytime phone number +358 (0)40 181 0285.
  • Evening- and nighttime (16:00 – 8:00) Ivalo health center phone number +358 (0)40 770 9187
  • Public emergency number 112

Weather forecasts

Weather forecast, Foreca
Weather forecast, Finnish meteorological institute
Weather forecast, yr.no