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The village of Lemmenjoki is situated on the river bank of the river Lemmenjoki, next to Finland´s largest national park.

In Lemmenjoki people live traditional Sámi life which is built around natural yearly rhythm of reindeer´s life. In the busiest time of year, all the effort is focused on reindeer herding. That is why it is recommended to check in advance the availability of accommodation and services. The river boat transportation Njurgulahti – Kultalan Hamina – Njurgulahti operates regularly according to the timetable. Find rental cars from here Rent a car.

The area of Lemmenjoki
Lemmenjoki National Park


There are rental cabins and a guesthouse with a camping area in the village of Lemmenjoki and around it. In Menesjärvi (8km towards Inari) there is a wilderness hotel, Hotelli Korpikartano.

  • Ahkun Tupa 
  • Heikki ja Kaija Paltto
  • Lemmenjoki camping ja mökit
  • Lemmenliekki
  • Valkeaporo

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Things to do and places to visit

  • Atelier Huopapirtti, Kaija Paltto
  • Kammigallery, Kikka Laakso
  • The fell Joenkielinen
  • The old historical residence of Kaapin Jouni
  • The gold digging area
  • The old historical residence of Matti Musta
  • Deer hunting holes
  • The Ravadas falls
  • Sallivaara reindeer fence

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Food and dining in Lemmenjoki

Café-restaurant: Ahkun Tupa
Private restaurant: Hotell Korpikartano

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