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This is Inari

The small village of Inari is the heart of the Sámi culture. In the second largest village of the municipality of Inari, on the river bank of the river Juutua, are situated the center of Finnish Sámi culture and administration Sajos and the Sámi museum Siida. In Inari it is possible to familiarize oneself with the Sámi culture and its history. You can find the colorful Sámi handicrafts in many stores for example in Sajos and Siida. In Inari there are many multicultural events organized yearly. The most famous of them are the music festival of indigenous people Ijahis Idja in August, the movie festival for indigenous people Skabma Govat in January, and Reindeer championships in the end of March. The village of Inari is not very vast, and it is easy to go around the village for example by foot. All the services, hotels, and local houses are situated in the center of the village which creates the unique authentic atmosphere of the village. Rent a car from here Rent a car.

Accommodation in Inari

There are two hotels in Inari, Hotel Kultahovi and Hotel Inari. There are also apartments and cabins available for rent.

Hotel Kultahovi

Kaisu and Heikki Nikula are the hosts of Hotel Kultahovi. Two very different sides are combined in the hotel, the traditional and historical Traditional Hotel and the River Hotel which are suitable for modern and demanding guests. The restaurant Aanaar offers innovative and surprising tastes which are created by local and clean ingredients. The hotel is situated on the river bank of river Juutua and the views are amazing from all the rooms and apartments. Hotel Kultahovi

Visit Inari

Family owned Visit Inari offers accommodation and activities in Inari village. Hotel Inari is situated in the center of Inari village on the shore of Finland’s third largest lake, Lake Inari. In Restaurant Aurora you can admire the Lake Inari scenery while enjoying Lappish delicacies. In Holiday Village Inari we offer year-round accommodation in cabins. You can enjoy the view to the Lake Inari from Aurora cabins or in heat of Aurora sauna. From Visit Inari you can rent for example canoe, rowing boat, Fat Bike or other outdoor equipment. Experience sustainable cruise by electric-hybrid catamaran at Lake inari from June to September. Visit Inari

Wilderness Hotel Inari

Wilderness Hotel Inari is located on the shore of Lake Inari, about 3 km south from the center of Inari village. THe hotel has hotel rooms, log cabins and Northern Light huts. In the restaurant you can enjoy the delicacies of Lapland and panoramic view to Lake Inari. Wilderness Hotel Inari

Food and dining in Inari

  • A la carte: Restaurant Aanaar in Hotel Kultahovi
  • Cafeteria: Hotel Inari
  • Cafeteria: Cafe Čaiju in Sajos
  • Lunch Restaurant: Sarrit in Siida
  • Restaurant: Hotel Inari
  • Scan Burger: Neste Oil Inari

Shops and stores

Food and groceries:

  • K-market Kuukkeli (pharmacy service point and postal office)
  • Siwa


  • Inarin Hopea – traditional Lappish jewellery from silver
  • Sámi Duodji – Traditional Sámi handicrafts
  • Atelier Samekki – Traditional Sámi handicrafts
  • Sámi Duodji – Sámi literature and music
  • Souvenirs – Näkkäläjärvi Souvenirs

Things to do and places to visit

Inari Sámi Church

Inari sámi church is located in the middle of the living lappish culture in Inari village. It is the only sámi church in Finland. There is the strong lappish atmosphere inside the church. Inari lutheran sámi church is located in the middle of the living lappish culture in Inari village. It is the only sámi church in Finland. There is the strong lappish atmosphere inside the church. Church has been open from year 1952, but it is the second church on the scene. First one was there 45 years before it was destroyed in World War II. Only the steel bell survived from the bombing of the war. The sámi church has been renovated over the years and in year 1982 it got the first bell tower which replaced the bell stand. The steel bell got just a small crack when it falls from the tower almost 80 years ago. We can still hear the small crackles in the bells ringing tone.

Inari parish

Is founded on 7 March 1881. The surface area of the church is the biggest in Finland, 17 000 square kilometers. Inari parish has four churches and chapels:

  • Main church in Ivalo (1966)
  • Sámi church in village Inari (1951)
  • Wilderness church by the lake Pielpajärvi (1760)
  • Chapel in village Saariselkä (1996) The Inari parish operations focused on children’s day care, scouts, youth and family work and diaconia.

Pictures: Inarin seurakunta / Inari parish

Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church

The wilderness chucrh  in Pielpajärvi is the oldest building in the northernmost Lapland. It was built in the mid-1700s and it is culturally significant to the area. The oldest building in the area and culturally significant chucrh was built in the mid-1700s. The church served the people of the area for 150 years until a new church was built to Inari. The deteriorated church was renovated in 1940 when it was taken into use again. There are some traditional events held in the church every year. One of them is the Midsummer service which has been held in Pielpajärvi since 1940s. There is also a service in he church every Easter and in summer times many couples get married in the old church. There is no road going to Pielpajärvi so it is not possible to go there by car. On the contrary, there is a 5-km-long marked path which leads to the church. The path starts from the “Sarviniementie” – you can follow the signs to the starting point of the path from the Sámi museum Siida. From Pielpajärvi it is also possible to hike to Pielpavuono which lies on the shore of the Lake Inari. The distance is 3km and in summer time it is possible to take a boat trip from Inari to Pielpavuono. More about hiking to the Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church

Sajos, Sámi Cultural Centre

Sajos the Sámi Cultural Centre is the Sámi Parliament House and the center of the administration, culture, education and knowledge. It is also an event house where are organized movies, concerts, meetings and conferences. Sajos is a symbol of Finnish Sámi self-government and a symbol of a living and evolving sámi culture. In Sajos are:

Sevettijärvi: Skolt Sámi Heritage House

The Heritage House and the open-air museum by it tell about the history of the Skolt Sámi inhabitants of Sevettijärvi (120 km to the Northest from Inari village).

Neiden: St. Georg Chapel

Neiden St. Georg Chapel is located in North Norway municipality of South-Varanger (30 km to the Northest from Sevettijärvi). Wooden chapel is only 10 m2. It is built by St. Trifon Petsamolainen about 450 years ago. Chapel belongs to the Norway Orthodox church and there is still a liturgy every summer under the midnight sun.

Siida, the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre

Siida is located in the village of Inari. The Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre are organizer for all activities at Siida. The exhibitions and events are a window into the north: Siida provides information on the ancient and vibrant Sámi culture and on arctic nature. Siida, the Sámi Museum and Nature Centre

Good to know about Inari:

In Inari village you can find:

  • Neste Oil Gasoil Station (Scan Burger)
  • Bank Automat
  • Taxi station
  • Pharmacy service point in K-Market Kuukkeli
  • Postal office in K-market Kuukkeli

Towing service: Lapin Hinauspalvelu  (Falck) 24h, tel. +358 (0) 16 313 300. Ivalo (40km south from Inari) is the capital of the municipality of Inari. There you can find for example a health care center and a bank. Inari municipality For more information and photos from Inari:

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