Kaunispää (437 m) is one of the highest arctic hills near the Saariselkä village. Kaunispää is the only one, which top can be reach by car. Magnificent views to every direction open from the top of the Kaunispää hill. If the weather is clear, one can admire tens of kilometers of the Urho Kekkonen National Park, wilderness area of Hammastunturi and as far as the hills behind the Russian border.

The top of Kaunispää can be reached by car, walking along the walking rout or in winter time by a Ski Bus (please note the timetable!) or by a ski lift from the Saariselkä Ski Resort Ski Saariselkä Sport Resort

On the summit of Kaunispää are following services:
Kaunispää Panorama Restaurant Huippu Restaurant Kaunispään Huippu. Souvenir and Jewelry Shop Souvenir Shop Kaunispää. In September 2011 a 7,5 m high Observation Tower was built on the top of Kaunispää hill Observation Tower.


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