The area of Saariselkä offers exceptionally good and versatile conditions for snowshoeing. In the village of Saariselkä and fell center Kiilopää there are some marked snowshoeing tracks where inexperienced snowshoe walkers can test the sport.

Hard-surfaced trail is easier to walk than in the deep snow

Along the marked trails there is a hard-surfaced trail where it is physically easier to walk than in the deep snow. As it is, inexperienced walkers don´t have to worry about finding the right direction and it is possible to walk along a hard trail.

Snowshoeing season start on December

The snowshoeing season in Saariselkä starts in the end of November or in the beginning of December when there is enough snow so that the shoes start to carry the walker.

The snowshoeing season is at its best in the spring winter when there is a lot of snow and the snow carries the walker.

How to start snowshoeing hobby

When you are beginning your snowshoeing hobby it is recommended to try different snowshoes from rental office before buying your own pair of shoes.

In Saariselkä many companies rent different snowshoes. In general, the biggest differences between the different snowshoe models are in the sizes and binding systems of the shoes.

Normal winter shoes with proper heel

For snowshoeing you will need normal pair of winter shoes. The shoes should not be too tight so that the feet stay warm. There should be a proper heel in the shoe so that it is easier to fix the bindings to the shoes.

With or without poles

You can go snowshoeing with or without poles. The right length of the poles is a bit shorter the traditional cross-country skiing poles. The poles might help finding the right balance in the deep snow and fitness sense it is possible to enhance the exercise with the poles.

Snowshoeing with poles is more effective exercise in fitness sense.

Snowshoeing trails

There are some marked snowshoeing trails in the village of Saariselkä and in the fell center of Kiilopää. The starting place for snowshoeing trails in Saariselkä is the same place where the cross-country ski trails start.

Remember that snowshoeing and walking on cross-country ski trails is forbidden!

If you want to explore your own ways in the forests you can find some tips for trails on our Treklife tracks site. With the hiking map of the area it is possible to navigate in the forests.

Clothing for snowshoeing

The same clothing rules that apply for cross-country skiing apply also for snowshoeing. Layer clothing keeps the wind and cold air away from the skin and moves the humidity away from the skin.

Most of the body warmth dissolves from through the head, toes, and fingers. This is why it is important to use good gloves, shoes, and a good hat.

The shoes should not be too tight so that there is space for extra socks when the weather is really cold. Tips for the clothing



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