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Ivalo is the biggest village and administrative center of the municipality of Inari. From Ivalo you will find the best services in Northern Lapland. From Ivalo you will find: the health care center, pharmacy office, grocery stores, clothing shops, building equipment, electronic devices, car service, schools, etc. While travelling towards north you should stop in Ivalo to refill your food and equipment storage.

Ivalo river

Ivalo river runs through the village in Ivalo and ends up in Lake Inari after 10km in the village of Koppelo. Ivalo river is a popular destination for canoeing and kayaking because its colorful gold history and rugged sceneries. You can start your journey to lake Inari from Koppelo or Veskoniemi with your own boat.
In Ivalo there are many fabulous beaches. The most reachable of the beaches is situated in the center of Ivalo, close to the health care center.

In winter time there are skiing tracks, skating tracks, snowmobile tracks, and husky tracks on the ice of the Ivalo river. Besides there in the spring time there are many people on the ice going ice-fishing or riding a horse, for example. In the middle of winter there is also a possibility for ice-swimming in Ivalo River. (ask from Hotel Ivalo)

Check out a video from Veskoniemi

Accommodation in Ivalo

Food and Dining in Ivalo

Grill and bar: Bar & Grill Pubi.fi
Grill-pizzeria: Lauran Grilli
Cafeteria: Cafe in K-Supermarket
Cafeteria: Cafe in S-Market
Cafeteria: Kuuputti
Lunch cafeteria: in St1 gasoil station
Pizzeria: Anjan Pizza
Restaurant: in Hotel Ivalo
Restaurant: in Hotel Kultahippu

Things to do and places to visit

Movie theater Aslak 
The cross-country ski tracks of Jänkkävaara
Jänkkävaara fireplace (next to the skiing tracks)
Mukkavuopaja cross-country ski tracsks
Petsamo statue Petsamo statue on a map
Scenery cafeteria in Sovintovaara, 10km north from Ivalo
Handicraft shop: Taitajat
Swimming hall opening hours in finnish
Interesting geological places: Golden Geopark of Lapland

Shops and stores

Food, groceries, and alcohol

K-Supermarket Ivalo
S-Market Ivalo

Gasoline stations

ABC station
ST1 gasoline station and car workshop
Teboil Station
SEO station

Car Workshops

Ivalon Auto-osat
ST1 gasoline station and car workshop

Car-, snowmobile-, boat-, and squad spare parts and equipment

Ivalon Auto-Osat
Tarvike Center Ivalo
Tuovilan Gummi

Towing service

Lapin Hinauspalvelu  (Falck) 24h, tel. +358 (0) 16 313 300.

Clothes and sports equipment

Clothes and shoes: S-Market Ivalo
Clothes and shoes: Gamitex
Marimekko clothes: Leenan kukka
Sekond hand market: Pentacostal church
Sekond hand market: Ivalon työttömät ry
Sports clothes and shoes: Sportia Maali- ja Konekota

Building and construction

Sportia / Maali-ja Konekota
Ivalon Kodinkone ja Kylmäkonehuolto
Würth Ivalo
Ylä-Lapin LVI

Household appliance sales and repair

Sportia / Maali-ja Konekota
Ivalon Kodinkone ja Kylmäkonehuolto
Takalapin Pojat

Locks: sales and repair

Takalapin Pojat

Special equipment

Art and articrafts: Taitajat
Eyeglasses: Silmäasema
Fishing equipment: Suutari Seppo
Flea market: Pentecostal church
Flea market: Ivalon työttömät ry
Flower shop: Leenan Kukka
Flower shop: Kaijan Kukka
Flower shop: Taimitupa
Hiking equipment: Sportia / Maali- ja konekota
Hiking equipment: S-Market Ivalo
Hunting equipment: Sportia / Maali- ja Konekota
ICT- and office supply: Tekniset Ivalo
Interior/décor: Keittiömies Oy
Interior/decor and furniture: Sotka
Marimekko, Hackman, Iittala, and Arabia: Leenan Kukka
Sewing workshop, dressmaker´s shop: Ompelupalvelu Maili Boxström, 0400 795201 (finnish only)
Souvenirs: Näkkäläjärvi Souvenirs

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