Restaurant Pirtti

Pirtti A la Carte


This menu valid 28.8.2009-28.2.2010

A La Carte, Appetizers and Salads, Soups, Fish Dishes, Meat Dishes, Pasta Dishes, Tortillas, Pizza, Hamburgers and Desserts.


Starters and salads:

-SALAD WITH COLD SMOKED SALMON - lettuce, marinated red onion, lime mayonnaise


-SALAD WITH SMOKED REINDEER - lettuce, peach, rocquefort sauce


-SALAD WITH GRILLED COAT CHEESE - lettuce, marinated red onions and cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nut, honey vinaigrette


-CAESAR SALAD A LA PIRTTI - caesar dressing



-FINNISH SALMON SOUP - toasted rye bread and butter


-CREAM CHANTARELL SOUP - flatbread and butter


Fish dishes:

-PAN-FRIED PERCH WITH CREAMY CHANTARELLE SAUCE - vegetables and boiled Lapp potatoes with dill


-SALMON WRAP - creamed salmon and cold smoked salmon, wrapped in thin flatbread




-CATCH OF THE DAY - fish course of the day


Meat dishes:

-WANDERER’S DREAM - 170g sirloin steak, pan-fried potatoes and mushrooms, warm herb butter


-CHORIZO SAUSAGES - bacon beans, baked potato


-ESCALOPE OF PORK VIENNOISE - mashed potatoes, capers, lemon and peas


-FILLET OF CHICKEN GRATINATED WITH TOMATOE SALSA - yoghurt sauce with garlic, goat cheese potatoes


-SAUTEÉD REINDEER,- mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, pickled cucumbers


-REINDEER WRAP - creamy roast reindeer with onion and peppered cream cheese


-HOT WINGS - French Fries, blue cheese dip



-REINDEER PASTA - pasta tagliatelle, reindeer and bacon in cream sauce


-SMOKED SALMON PASTA - pasta tagliatelle, smoked salmon and shrimp in lobster sauce


-GOAT CHEESE PASTA - pasta tagliatelle and vegetables in tomato sauce, grilled chèvre



-HAMBURGER A LA PIRTTI - 150g minced beef steak, French Fries


-CHEESE BURGER A LA PIRTTI - 150g minced beef steak, cheddar cheese, French Fries


-REINDEER BURGER A LA PIRTTI - 150g minced beef steak, smoked reindeer, French Fries


-CHEF’S BURGER - 150g minced beef steak, fried egg and bacon, cheddar, red onion and pickled cucumber, steakhouse fries and chilli-mayonnaise





-PIZZA MARGARITA - tomato sauce, cheese


-PIZZA A LA PIRTTI - tomato sauce, cheese, smoked reindeer, onion and mushrooms


-PIZZA DE LUTTO RIVER - tomato sauce, cheese, cold smoked salmon, tunafish, shrimp and mushrooms


-PIZZA OF YOUR CHOICE - with two, three or four toppings


-CHILDREN’S PIZZA (4-14 y.) - tomato sauce, cheese and 2 toppings of your choice



Olives, sweet pepper, mushrooms, shrimp, cold smoked salmon, smoked reindeer, minced meat, salami, ham, chicken, egg, pineapple, peach, blue cheese, jalapeno, tunafish, feta, mozzarella and onion. Garlic added on request.





-CHOCOLATE CAKE OF THE HOUSE - balsamico syrup with strawberry flavor


-BLUEBERRY PIE - blueberry sauce


-ICE-CREAM FANTASY - vanilla, strawberry-, chocolate-, liquirice- or arctic cloudberry ice-cream, one sauce of your choice; chocolate sauce, caramel sauce or strawberry jam




Chef’s recommendation :

-FINNISH SALMON SOUP - served with toasted rye bread and butter


-WANDERER’S DREAM - 170g sirloin steak, pan-fried potatoes and mushrooms

topped with warm herb butter


-BLUEBERRY PIE - served with blueberry sauce