December 19, 2022

Instructions for travellers in case of power cut


We are preparing for possible power outages in Finland this winter.

Most likely, the power outages will be short (1-2 hours) and will occur during the daytime.

However, the power outages can also be medium long (3-12 hours) or long (12-24 hours).

Power outages can be announced in advance (about 24 hours before), but they might also start without warning.

In the event of a power outage, remember to stay calm. Most likely, the break will be short, and the situation will return to normal automatically.

If necessary, contact your guide or the staff of your accommodation or the current service provider (restaurant, shop, etc.).

It is part of good general preparation to carry some cash with you, as card payments may not be possible during the power outages.

In the event of a power outage, it is important to act accordingly:

1. Wait calmly. After a short power outage, the situation should quickly return to normal.

2. Be prepared for the cold by putting on enough clothing.

3. Do not open windows and doors so that heat does not escape from the interior.

4. Do not use water taps, toilets or showers. Only drink bottled water.

5. If your property has a fireplace, light a fire or contact the host about lighting the fire.

If you are staying at a property that is not staffed (private cottage, etc.), try to prepare for power outages yourself in advance by reserving bottled water, some dry food and warm clothing for your accommodation. Check in advance if there are candles and matches. Double check that there is firewood at the property in case there is a fireplace in your accommodation.


In the event of a longer power outage

1. Follow the instructions of staff and authorities:

  • The tour operator or the staff of the accommodation are prepared for power outages and provide the necessary and up-to-date information about the situation.
  • If you can’t reach them, try to find a place where you can listen to the radio and bulletins.

2. Be prepared for cold:

  • Put on enough clothing and stay warm, for example, under blankets.
  • Always make sure, that children and the elderly, who do not have the same strong thermoregulation, have enough clothing and warmth.
  • If a fireplace is available, light a fire in it to warm up the accommodation.
  • Keep the windows and doors closed. Heat will quickly escape if you open the door frequently.
  • Close the doors to the corridors and hallways and block the gaps.

3. Pay attention to the restrictions on water use:

  • The water supply can stop quickly after the start of a power outage. Be prepared for situations with bottled water.
  • Please note that the toilet can only be used once after a power outage has started. If you need to use the toilet, use a plastic bag instead of the toilet bowl. Sort the used bag into mixed waste.

Do not call the emergency number due to a power outage.

Call the emergency number (112) only in critical acute need.


Up-to-date information on electricity distribution and possible power cuts:

Saariselkä travel area


Whole Finland


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