Frequently asked questions and answers

Where can I buy activities like safaris and excursions?

All activities (safaris, excursions, trips) and other programme services are in website lapponiatours.com

Covid-19 and my booking
Electric car charging in Saariselkä

Electric cars can be charged only at official charging points at Hotels Holiday Club and Riekonlinna. Please contact the reception of the hotels:

EV Charging Station map

I've booked a cabin for the whole week (7 nights), booking calendar is displayed for only six nights, why?

Departure date appears on booking calender always free (white), so that next customer can book the cabin starting that date.

In other words, arrival date is always completely red (reserved) in booking calendar and departure date is always completely white (free)

Can I change cabin?

If the customer changes the lodgings or the date of the holiday, the old reservation shall be considered cancelled and the new lodgings or date of holiday shall be considered a new reservation. More in: Booking terms / cancellations

If I get sick, can I cancel the booking?

Yes you can cancel the booking. Time of cancellation will tell if the payment will be refunded.
More information: Booking terms / cancellations

Where can I find booking terms?
Where can I get the keys to the cottage and how will I find the cottage?

After the reservation Saariselkä Booking sends every customer an individual instruction for picking up the keys. All the necessary addresses, opening hours and other details are written in the instructions.

When picking up the keys, every customer receives a map. With the map the cottage will be found easily.

How many keys will I receive for the cottage?

The customers will be provided with two keys per cottage regardless of the amount of the guests.

Airport Bus from Ivalo Airport and bus stops?

Airport Bus is operating from/to Ivalo Airport – Saariselkä when there are flights. Airport Bus timetable and bus stops

We will arrive at morning, can we check-in already then?

The check-in time is at 4 pm (16:00) at the day when the reservation starts.

  • It is possible to check-in earlier if the cottage is cleaned after the previous guests before 4 pm (16:00). For this we don’t charge additional payments.
    • You can check the cleaning situation at the day of your arrival.
  • In some cases it is possible to buy additional hours.
My flight departes in the evening, is it possible to hold the apartment until that?

The check out time is at noon (12 pm). The customer should leave and return keys latest at noon (12 pm) on the day of departure.

At what time can I pick up the keys and when should I return them?

Holiday lodgings are at the disposal of the customer from 4 pm (16:00) on the day of arrival until 12 pm (12:00) on the day of departure. Check Booking terms / staying at the destination

  • It is possible to check-in earlier if the cottage is cleaned after the previous guests before 4 pm. We don’t charge additional payments for early check-in.
    • You can check the cleaning situation at the day of your arrival from our reception.
  • In some cases it is possible to buy late check out for an extra payment.
If I have problems in the cabin, where can I find help?

In every cottage there is a cabin book. In the front page you will find the phone number of the service man of the cottage. The service man helps when it comes to linen and towels, cleaning, or technical problems.

Where/how can I see the Northern Lights / Auroras?

The best season to see the Northern Lights is from November to February.

To be able to see the Northen Lights it needs to be dark and the sky needs to be clear. It’s also important that the surroundings are dark, so you need to move away from the lights of the village.

For more information about the Northern Light visit Auroras Now.

What if I get sick during my holiday, where is the hospital?

The closest hospital is located in Rovaniemi, 260 km south from Saariselkä.

There is a health-care center/out patient clinic in Ivalo, 30 km north from Saariselkä.

The emergency number in Finland is 112. In case of emergency, you should always call the emergency number!

Where is Pharmacy?

Nearest Pharmacy is In Ivalo, about 30 km to north from Saariselkä village. Lat: 68.656826 ,  Lon: 27.539045

Ivalo Pharmacy’s medicin cabin is in Saariselkä village, in Kuukkeli supermarket. There you can by basic medicines (without prescription).

What is the currency in Finland, can I pay with credit card?

The currency of Finland is euro. You can use most of the common credit cards in Finland.

There is no bank in Saariselkä so you can’t exchange money.

What kind of activities are available this time of the year?

We have weekly programs for two seasons:

  • With snow is winter season (November – April)
  • Without snow is summer season (June – September)

Check available daily programs, safaris and excursions. You can book activities from Safari House, address  Honkapolku 1.

How are the weather conditions like this time of the year?

There are four distinguishable seasons in Saariselkä:

  • Between the 4th of December and th 8th of January the sun doesn’t rise at all. This period is called the polar night.
  • Between the 22th of May and the 20th of July the sun doesn’t set at all, and this period is called the nightless night.
  • In winter time the temperature can vary between 0 degrees celsius and -40 degrees celsius. The snow depth varies usually between 20 cm and 1 m. The first snow falls in usually in October and the snow melts in May.
  • In summer time we can have even +30 degrees celsius but typically the temperature varies between +10 and +20 degrees celsius.
  • Check from  average weather conditions guest info
Is it safe to go around in the forests in Saariselkä?

It is relatively safe to go around in the forests here. There are wild animals in the forests but they escape humans.

If you are planning to go wandering outside the marked trails you should always have adequate map and compass with you.

For longer tours in the forests you should also have enough clothes and food with you because the weather conditions can change rapidly.

How are the roads in Lapland?

The main roads in Finland are generally in good condition. The general speed limit out side the villages is 80 km/h.

In winter time (October-May) the roads can be snowy and icy. Winter tyres are compulsory from the beginning of December to the end of February.

What is address to my mail box during my Saariselkä vacation?

Cabins and apartments don’t have postboxes.

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