Classification according to the equipment of the accommodation

“Cloudberry” classification for our cabins

The aim of the cloudberry classification is to clarify and standardize the vast amount of accommodation. Thanks to the classification it is easier to compare accommodation and search for the most suitable holiday home for you.

Saariselkä Booking divides the cabins and apartments into four different categories which are marked by Lappish cloudberries (categories 2-5 cloudberries). Classification aims only to describe the equipment of accommodation and has no influence for pricing and will not describe the general overiew or condition.

The holiday home with two cloudberries has the most modest equipment. Three cloudberries describes of good standard of accommodation – holiday home with 4 and 5 cloudberries have most variety in equipment.

Hotel rooms and destinations over 5 km from the center of Saariselkä are not classified.

The classification is demonstrated more closely in the classification criterias.

Quality 1000

Quality 1000 –qualitynet is a quality program designed especially for tourism companies. It is founded on international quality criteria.

Saariselkä Booking has attended Quality 1000 training.

With the help of Quality 1000 we have received counseling for our practical work and we have been able to improve our working methods.

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