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23.01.2020 - 26.01.2020

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Skábmagovat Film Festival - History
Skábmagovat - Reflections of the Endless Night festival was arranged for the first time in 1999. The event was a result of a project, in which a group of enthusiastic people aimed at creating a series of events in the village of Inari. The purpose was to liven up the quiet winter of Inari. The polar night is interesting as such, and the Skábmagovat Festival is held at the time when the endless night comes to an end in Inari.

The festival consists of three visual events: of Camera Borealis which concentrates on photographs and films on nature, of SieivaGovat which is a seminar on Sámi photography, and of Skábmagovat Film Festival which is an indigenous peoples film and TV production festival.

In visual studies and the world of films, indigenous peoples have, for long, been a popular and exotic but passive object. Films and documentaries dealing with indigenous peoples have not always aimed at giving a correct picture - vice versa, they have sometimes even created a false picture of these peoples. In the past few decades, Sámi as well as other indigenous peoples around the world have reclaimed the influence of the film and begun themselves to define their own culture. One purpose of Skábmagovat Film Festival has been to increase awareness of the culture of the Sámi and other indigenous peoples.

Being an indigenous peoples film and TV production festival, Skábmagovat presents both old and new films and TV productions made by the Sámi and other indigenous populations. The festival also has a special childrens program. Every year, the audience has been able to get acquainted with Sámi films but also with films made by one other indigenous people. Skábmagovat Film Festival is an arena where filmmakers, indigenous people and those who are interested in their stories can meet; it is also a forum for discussion. Some of the films are shown at the Northern Lights Theater which is made of snow and seats more than a hundred people. Despite the cold and dark conditions of January, Skábmagovat has become a festival which is famous for its warm atmosphere.


Artistic director: Jorma Lehtola, +358 50 414 4349info@skabmagovat.fi

Producer: Anne Kirste Aikio, +358 40 768 1689, anne.aikio@skabmagovat.fi

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