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Routes in winter

Tour to the fell Ahopää or the fell Kiilopää

If you want to try snowshoeing on a marked trail there are two marked trails in the surroundings of Kiilopää fell center. The shorter trail is 3 km long and the longer trail is 6 km long.

From the fell center of Kiilopää it is possible to walk to the top of the fell Kiilopää which is situated right next to the fell center. There is a marked trail up to the fell top but when the weather is clear it is possible also to choose your own trail. Tour to the fell Kiilopää

Tour to the top of the fell Iisakkipää or to the moonlight track

If you want to try snowshoeing on a marked trail but you want to get away from the hassle of Saariselkä, the marked trail to Iisakkipää is suitable for you. The trail leads you to the top of the fell Iisakkipää and the starting place of the tour is right next to the village. Tour to the fell Iisakkipää

The tour to the moonlight track is suitable for everyone who has some experience on cross-country skiing. The track starts from the starting point of the ski tracks towards Laanila. After approximately one kilometer the track turns to the left and a little bit later to the right. Moonlight Track tour

Fell tour to Rautulampi

The tour to Rautulampi is suitable for traditional skiing or skiing in deep snow with back country skis. The track is maintained by a snowmobile in the spring winter when there is enough snow and day light. Earlier in the winter the track is suitable for skiing in deep snow with BC-skis. The track is marked with piles to the terrain so it is impossible to get lost even when it is dark. Fell tour to Rautulampi

Day tour to Rumakuru and Luulampi

If you want to spend a day on the fells and see nice sceneries, day tour to Rumakuru and Luulampi will be a suitable trail for you. The terrain is nice and versatile and the trail takes you to the open fell areas and sheltered forests. Along the trail there are a lot to see and many nice places where to have a break. Day tour to Rumakuru and Luulampi

The trail of Ruija

The trail to Ruija is an old passage way from the Bothnian Bay to the Arctic Ocean.  The trail was in use from the 1500 century to the beginning of the 1900 century and nowadays 35 km of the trail has been marked again on the terrain in Urho Kekkonen national park between Lake Sompio and Laanila. The beginning of the trail is situated inside Sompio strict nature reserve and then in the Urho Kekkonen national park. In the strict nature reserve area it is only allowed to move on the marked trail. The trail fo Ruija

Tour to the fell Sokosti

Skiing to the top of the fell Sokosti is something that every frequent hiker of Saariselkä should do. In winter time the tour is very demanding and it requires good preparations, experience of the conditions, and good physical condition. Sokosti is the highest peak in the area of Urho Kekkonen national park and Saariselkä. The peak rises 718 m above the sea level. The best place to start the tour is from Kiilopää fell center. Tour to the fell Sokosti