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Rules on the ski tracks

  • When choosing your skiing track, consider:
    • your condition and skills
    • difficulty of the track
    • your skiing style: traditional or freestyle
    • weather conditions: wind, snow storm, icy tracks
  • The track is for all of us, consider:
    • other skiers on the track
    • faster skier passes by the slower one
    • don´t skate on the traditional track
    • be polite and friendly
  • Keep your distance:
    • don´t ski too close to other skiers, especially in down-hills
  • Remember on down-hills:
    • don´t change your track in the middle of a down-hill
    • keep control
    • be careful when it is icy
  • Obey skiing direction:
    • ski on the right side of the track
    • pass by from the left
    • follow guidance
  • In case of emergency:
    • help other skiers on the track
  • Don´t stop on the skiing track:
    • when taking a break step outside the track
    • if you fall down get up quickly
    • if needed, prepare the track
  • Skiing track is only for skiing:
    • walking on the skiing track is not allowed
    • skiing with dogs is only allowed on the dog skiing track, see the map