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Saariselkä Booking

is a local company where you can make accommodation and activity bookings for the entire northern Lapland. From Saariselkä Booking you can book accommodation, activities, transfers, and catering services for individuals, companies and organizations.

From Saariselkä Bookings real time 24 h online web shop you can book flights and accommodation in a hotel, apartment, or cabin. Besides, you can book also activities that vary depending on the season.

About our history and business idea

Saariselkä Booking (Saariselän Keskusvaraamo Ltd.) is a local company which is established in the municipality of Inari in 1987. The company has operated on its current name since 2006. Previously the name was Lapin Sampo Ltd.

The business idea is to offer tourism services for domestic and foreign customers in northern Lapland.

  • Accommodation: cabins, apartments and hotels
  • Activities: safaris, daily programs and events
  • Transfer services: airport transfers and transfers for groups
  • Catering services: breakfasts, lunches, dinners and grocery shoppings
  • Conference services: meeting rooms, appliances and caterings

Saariselkä Booking sells via different channels tourism services that are provided by different companies. Our professionalism and local knowledge ensure that we will find the most suitable services for each customer and group.

The most important values behind our work are reliability, empathy, loyalty, good sense of humour, flexibility, accuracy, and desire to learn. All our choices, attitudes, and decisions are based on these values. Our actions are open and honest both towards our partners and customers, and in our internal actions. Our cooperation inside Saariselkä Booking is based on good partnership, participation, and mutual appreciation. The problems and different point of views are taken out and solved. We take responsibility of our actions and all possible mistakes will be fixed.