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Saariselkä is in Lapland, the largest and northernmost of the regions of Finland.sijainti_lapissa

Saariselkä Village (map: blue X) Is located in Finlands biggest municipality, Inari (map: red area)

Saariselkä is located 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, along the highway  E75.

The Urho Kekkonen National Park (map: green area) is right next to Saariselkä. This vast park extends eastwards from the resort of Saariselkä through the wilderness of Finnish Lapland all the way to the Russian border. The remote fell of Korvatunturi is famous among Finns as the home of Father Christmas. The night sky is illuminated by the Aurora Borealis in winter and the Midnight Sun in summer.

You reach Saariselkä by car, plane, bus or train. Flights land at Ivalo Airport, from which it is only a half-hour journey to your destination by Airport Bus. Train from the Helsinki to the Rovaniemi. From Rovaniemi Railway station is a bus transportation to the Saariselkä. Bus to Saariselkä from every city in Finland.

When in Saariselkä, getting around is easy using the Ski Bus or taxi service operating in the area. In addition, the services are concentrated around the centre of Saariselkä.
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(Saariselän Keskusvaraamo) reception is in address Honkapolku 2 (same building as restaurant Pirkonpirtti).
Lat, Lon: 68.4203665, 27.4081819

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