Package travel, additional terms

Saariselkä Booking Ltd’s additional terms and conditions for package travel

Reservation and payment

A reservation is confirmed when the deposit of 30 % of the gross price of the reservation plus office costs has been paid by the due date. The deposit invoice and final invoice will be sent together. The final payment must be made, at the latest, 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the stay. At the same time, the party making the reservation will be sent, information about the lodgings, instructions for picking up and returning the key and the Saariselkä Booking Ltd`s conditions of reservation.
Non-payment is not a cancellation. Saariselkä Booking Ltd reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the event that the payment is not made by the due date.

Reservation on the internet

When making a reservation on the Internet, the client can choose the method of payment desired:

  • Pay the deposit immediately and print out the final invoice and pay it by the due date.
  • Pay the full sum immediately. If the reservation date is soon, only the final invoice is printed out and paid.

When reserving via the Internet, the client shall be responsible for obtaining his or her own invoice and conditions of reser-vation. The reservation system will send confirmation to the email address provided by the client upon registration. The staff of Saariselkä Booking Ltd will not send the invoices, confirmation etc. to the client. The client can print them from the booking system. If the reservation is paid for, in full or in part, the client must ensure that, after the payment transaction, he or she returns to the confirmation pages of Saariselkä Booking Ltd`s reservation system. If after the payment the client does not go back to the Saariselkä Booking Ltd’s pages, the reservation will not be registered and the reservation system will not send an email confirmation of the reservation.

Saariselkä Booking Ltd shall not be liable for failed reservations; the client must contact Saariselkä Booking Ltd immediately for assistance. In this situation, Saariselkä Booking Ltd will not guarantee that the lodgings will still be available. In the event that the lodgings are not available, the money will be returned or the client will be offered other lodgings according to availability. In addition to these reservation conditions, a client making a reservation via the Internet also accepts the General Terms of Use of the website. Before making a reservation, the client shall be responsible for reading the aforementioned documents and the instructions for making a reservation.

Right to change prices

Saariselkä Booking Ltd reserves the right to correct errors in price information before the conclusion of the contract.

Saariselkä Booking Ltd shall not be bound by an error in the listed price if the price is so clearly erroneous that it is reasonable to expect the client to notice it. Examples of such cases include a situation where the difference between the listed price and the actual price is substantially large or when the erroneous price can be considered exceptionally low when compared to the general price level.

Value-added tax under current legislation.


A cancellation is considered as having occurred at the moment Saariselkä Booking Ltd receives written word about the cancellation.

Saariselkä Booking Ltd’s right to cancel the reservation

Saariselkä Booking Ltd reserves the right to cancel a reservation in the event of Force Majeure. In this case, the client shall have the right to a full refund of the payment. If the deposit is not paid by the due date, Saariselkä Booking Ltd reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Key service

Information about key service can be found in a separate appendix and/or on the product card. If the key will be lost, we will charge the real expenses and service fee (minimum 400 Euros).

Staying at the destination

Holiday lodgings are at the disposal of the client from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival until 12 p.m. on the day of departure.
It is expected that the customer will comport him/her/themselves with good manners while residing in/ using the holiday lodgings. Furniture must be returned to their original places.
Inventories belonging to the apartment are not at any time to be used outside or removed from the apartment. If cabin/apartment is extremely dirty and requires more cleaning than usual end-of-stay cleaning, including returning heavy furniture to the ordinary places, Saariselkä Booking Ltd has right to send an extra invoice to the client for the overused time. If the paid price does not include end-of-stay clean and customer did not clean the cabin/apartment properly, has Saariselkä Booking Ltd right to double charge for normal end-of-stay clean. Customer must use linen in bed. Please check your invoice if linen, towels, end-of-stay clean and wood for the fireplace is included in the price (varies according to the cabin/apartment). It is prohibited to use sleeping bags in cabin/apartment. Any camping (caravans, tents) or use of extra hired equipment (for example bath tubs) is prohibited in the area of cabin/apartment.

Number of guests

The maximum clients per cabin/apartment (stated in invoice) is prohibited to exceed.

Smoking is prohibited inside all lodgings

If there has been smoked in the lodgings, Saariselkä Booking Ltd reserves the right to collect a surcharge for cleaning, minimum 300 Euros.


Pets may be brought into lodgings where pets are allowed. There is a surcharge per pet / booked cabin or apartment. Pet wastes must be gathered away and taken into the garbage.


Upon departure, the lodger shall be liable to make sure that the windows of the lodgings are closed and the doors locked. The lodger/party who reserved the apartment shall be liable for compensating, in full, for damages he/she/they have caused to the lodgings or its furnishings. The guardian of minors shall be liable for damages caused by minors. If on-call services are required at night for a reason brought on by a lodger (i.e. key lost or other reason), an hourly compensation of 50 Euros/h (incl. VAT) will be charged, on Sundays and holidays 100 Euros/h (incl. VAT).
We recommend that lodgers take out personal travel insurance to compensate damages caused by them.

Dissolution of rental agreement resulting from disturbance or a hazardous situation

In the event that the tenant does not stop causing disturbances or hazardous situations on the premises or on neighboring premises, despite a warning given by the landlord/representative of the landlord, the landlord/representative of the landlord reserves the right to dissolve the tenancy immediately. Expenses incurred as a result of all previously mentioned actions shall be charged to the party who made the reservation. The client will receive no refund.


All observations and complaints concerning the equipment and condition of the lodgings must be directed immediately as they arrive during the holiday to Saariselkä Booking Ltd, tel. +358 16 554 0500, during office hours.
Complaints made later will not be taken into account.
Saariselkä Booking Ltd is not liable to compensate the natural conditions, insects, voles, sudden weather changes, con-structions on adjacent plots, the changes in the cottage (made by the owner of the cottage) which have not been informed of the Saariselkä Booking Ltd Office or to any third party caused the problems (eg, blackouts with water, electricity, internet- or TV network) to the client for any inconvenience or expense.

Lost belongings

We collect a separate service charge for the return of lost belongings, 20 Euros + postage. Belongings which are found are kept for 3 months.

Applicable law and place of litigation

The Contracting Parties shall strive to solve disputes concerning the Contract together through negotiations. In the event an agreement cannot be reached through negotiations disputes shall be carried out in the District Court of Lappi. The Contract is bound by Finnish law. Saariselkä Booking Ltd shall not be liable for changes arising subsequent to this publication which are beyond our control. Saariselkä Booking Ltd reserves the right to make changes.

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