Panorama Café-restaurant Huippu


From the E4 road the winding tarmac road climbs from the flank of the fell all the way to the treeless mountain top.


A magnificent scenery reaches from the top over the round shaped archipelago of Saariselkä fell area as far as the eye can see, in the East even far to the Russian side.
The Huippu on the mountain top has served visitors since 1954. The old Lappish history is still reminded by an old fell cottage on the top, which provided the first visitors of Saariselkä area with
accommodation and food. Later on the cottage served as a cafe and a souvenir shop.
Today's Huippu consists of cozy restaurants; the panorama restaurant with 90 seats and the top quality Necktie teepee restaurant with kitchen on open fire for 50 persons and a bar as well as a
giftshop specialized on top quality souvenirs, knitwear and Lapland gold and silver jewellery.
The Huippu restaurant is specialized in Lappish kitchen, all the ingredients
are delivered close around the area and pure Lappish nature. Reindeer, snow grouse, salmon, whitefish, trout and cloudberries - all made with skill. The Chaine des Rotisseurs was awarded for the
Huippu restaurant year 2000.
The Huippu restaurant has diversity and suits for a large variation of purposes, from small coffee moments to lunches or dinners for small or large groups. Also the famous donuts and berry pies as
well as the bread of the fell are baked fresh every morning.
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