Saariselkä Treklife retkihiihtäjä kurkkaa taaksepäin

Siida, Sámi culture and northern nature centre


Siida is the home of the Sámi Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre. With its cultural and nature exhibitions, it is both a meeting place and an exhibition center.
Siida provides the visitor with new experiences and information on Sámi culture and nature of Northern Lapland.

The Joint Exhibitions of the Museum and Nature Centre

The cultural and ecological exhibitions of Siida tell about how northern nature and an indigenous people, the Sámi, have adapted to life in extreme conditions. By bringing their knowledge and skills
together, the Sámi Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre have created an information package that focuses on the seasonal cycle of the North and becomes an unforgettable experience for the visitor.
The introductory exhibition describes how nature and culture have evolved from the times of the Ice Age to the present. The main exhibition introduces the visitor to the special features of life in the North through following the rhythm of the seasons.

The Outdoor Museum is Open in Summer

Before becoming the museum center SIIDA, the Sámi Museum in Inari was an open-air museum. This outdoor museum, which supplements the indoor exhibitions of SIIDA, is still open in summer.
The typical dwellings and hunting and fishing methods of the Sámi - both Reindeer-Herding, Fishing and Skolt Sámi - are displayed in the seven-hectare museum area situated on Lake Inari. In the
open-air museum, the visitor can have a look at old Sámi dwellings and trapping and fishing gear.

Temporary Exhibitions on Current Issues

SIIDA also offers a versatile set of temporary exhibitions for the visitor. These range from Sámi cultural history, art and handicraft to nature photographs, conservation themes and the special
phenomena of northern nature.

Special Events Make Siida a Living Center

The annual events arranged in Siida include the Indigenous People´s Film Festival "Skábmagovat - Reflections of the Endless Night" in January, and a local Christmas event for families. In addition,
Nature Evenings and lectures that are open to the public are arranged in Siida.
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