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Saariselkä Treklife erämökillä talvella

Summer guests and end-of-stay clean

The summer price includes just accommodation.  Not linen, towels, end-of-stay clean and wood for the fireplace.

Basic kitchen equipment, dishes, kitchenware, beddings (not linen unless agreed),
cleaning equipment and detergents as well as toilet paper and litterbags included in the price.

Linen and towels

The guests have their own bed linen and towels. Or guests can rent linen and towels from Saariselkä Booking reception for an extra charge.

  • 16 € / set (bed linen, big towel, small towel)
  • 8 € / linen set
  • 8 € / towels set

Used linen should be returned to the Saariselkä Booking reception, Honkapolku 2, tel. +358 (0)16 554 0500.

End-of-stay clean

Guests can do the end-of-stay clean by themselves or oder it from Saariselkä Booking. End-of-stay clean price varies according to cabin/apartment. Check the price from Saariselkä Booking. 

If the guests chooses to do the end-of-stay clean themself, the following points should be taken into account:

  • taking the litter to the garbage can outside
  • vacuum-cleaning the floors
  • wiping the floors with a moist, not wet, cloth
  • washing the dishes and emptying the dishwasher
  • removing stainscleaning the toilet and wash basinsputting furniture and other things where they belong
  • removing ashes from the furnace
  • making sure that the sauna oven is switched off
  • plucking off the coffee-maker and the TV
  • adding firewood in the basket for the next client (if firewood is used and was prepared on your arrival)
  • taking care of the cleanliness of the yard (litter, bottle caps, cigarette butts, dogs’ leavings)
  • turning off all the lights

The holiday apartments are checked after the use. In case the apartment is not in the expected condition after the end of stay and has to be cleaned before the next guest, the previous guest will be charged min. 50 €/hour for cleaning.

In summer time service advice and maintenance are taken care by the care taker, whose phone can be found on the first page of the cabin book.

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