Keväjärvi Chapel

Keväjärvi is located about 10 kilometers to the east of the Ivalo village.
In year 2008 there were built in a small chapel to ecumenical use. Chapel was build with volunteers and collection of funds.
Organizer "Koltta-asiain kannatusyhdistys" donated chapel to the Orthodox Church of Lapland on August 2009.
St. Boris and Gleb day is on 24 of July.

Orthodox Church of Lapland

Orthodox Church of Lapland covers almost whole Lapland. Main Church is in Rovaniemi.
In Inari municipality most of parishioner are Skolt Sámi. Churchs and Chapel are built there where the people are:
• Church in Ivalo (1960)
• Church in Nellim (1987)
• Church in Sevettijärvi (1951)
• Chapel in Keväjärvi (2008)

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